Welcome to the Korendovych Lab at Syracuse University


4/2018 - Zsofi wins a Departmental Teaching Award!

4/2018 - Pallavi wins the All-University Doctoral Prize! 

1/2018 - Congratulations Dr. Gosavi! Good luck at Harvard!

11/2017 - Our paper on catalytic amyloids got the cover of ACS Catalysis!

10/2017 - Claudia has been selected to speak at the Meredith symposium!

9/2017 -  Ivan has been named a DAAD Ambassador!

5/2017 - The first structure of metalloamyloid has been published in PNAS. Congrats to Olga and Pallavi!

3/2017 - Check out our paper in Nature Communications on Kemp elimination!

3/2017 - Abby (an REU alum) received an NSF graduate Fellowship!

1/2017 - Tiffany has successfully defended her dissertation! Good luck at Johns Hopkins!

8/2016 - Tiffany speaks at the Virginia Legislative Training Summit!  

8/2016 - Check out our latest News and Views article in Nature Chemistry.

7/2016 - Pallavi’s review has been accepted in Curr. Opin. Chem. Biol!

6/2016 - We have been awarded a $1.8M grant from the NIH!

5/2016 - Our paper on redox active catalytic amyloids have been accepted in Angew. Chem. as “Hot paper”!

5/2016 - Tyler wins the Birge Award and Award for Outstanding Performance in Inorganic Chemistry. Alex wins Awards for Outstanding Performance in Inorganic Chemistry and Biochemistry. Congratulations!

3/2016 - Tyler receives Honorable Mention at NSF Graduate Research Fellowship                                        Competition!

3/2016 - Pallavi wins 3rd prize at the SU Chemistry Department Poster Competition!

2/2016 - Ivan joins the editorial board of Scientific Reports.

1/2016 - Congratulations to Beth for successfully defending her Ph.D. thesis! Best of luck at the University of Wisconsin!

12/2005 - Many thanks to the Nappi Family for supporting our work on imaging liver cancer! 

12/2015 - Our paper on de novo esterase design appeared to JACS! It has been selected for JACS Spotlights!

10/2015 - Zsofia and Tiffany win prizes for best posters at the 14th Upstate NY NMR and Structural Biology Symposium!

8/2015 - Cara has successfully defended her PhD thesis! Best of luck at Yale!

4/2015 - Alex receives the Student Association Undergraduate Research Award!

4/2015 - Alex wins the George Wiley Award for Exceptional Performance in Organic Chemistry!

4/2015 - Jennifer received Research Achievement Award!

4/2015 - Tyler received Goldwater Scholarship!

2/2015 - Our paper has been featured on the front page of Biochemistry.

2/2015 - Tyler received a Crown-Wise Award!

1/2015 - Pallavi’s paper has been accepted by Chem. Commun. (2015 Emerging Investigators Issue)

6/2014 - Beth wins a poster prize at the Protein Engineering Canada conference!

4/2014 - Olga’s paper is highlighted as “New and Notable” in MDPI Magazine.

4/2014 - Jennifer was invited to give a talk at the 2014 Western NY Undergraduate Research Symposium.

3/2014 - Ivan receives a Humboldt Research Fellowship.

2/2014 - Our paper on catalytic amyloids has been accepted to Nature Chemistry!

2/2014 - Ivan is invited to give a talk at the Peptides GRC.

12/2013 - Mickie and Zsofia join the lab!

8/2013 - Our Angew. Chem. paper is featured in C&E News.

7/2013 - Our collaborative project with Lehigh University on biofuels was funded by the NSF!

6/2013 - Ivan is invited to give a talk at the Proteins GRC.

5/2013 - Ivan receives Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award!

5/2013 - Tiffany receives NSF IGERT fellowship!

4/2013 - Krystyna and Korrie recognized by SU Biology Dept. for outstanding research!

4/2013 - Korrie wins Birge award!

4/2013 - Our paper on directed evolution has been accepted to Angew. Chem.!

4/2013 - Korrie wins Norma Slepecky Undergraduate Research prize!

3/2013 - Korrie receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

3/2013 - Krystyna receives an award at the Winston Fisher Seminar!

1/2013 - our paper on lanthanide sensors has been accepted to J. Biol. Inorg. Chem.!

12/2012 - Korrie’s research has been featured on SU’s website.

11/2012 - our paper on AzulenylAlanine has been accepted to Chem. Commun.!

11/2012 - Tiffany and Pallavi join the lab!

10/2012 - Beth receives a Bridges to Professoriate NIGMS-MARC Scholar award to attend the National Institute for Teaching and Mentoring.

7/2012  - Our contribution “Directed Evolution of an Allosterically Controlled Eliminase” was selected for a Young Investigator Talk at the 26th Annual Symposium of the Protein Society

5/2012 - Miguel received an ARISE scholarship for the Summer.

4/2012 - Alissa is a finalist for the Remembrance Scholarship.

3/2012 - Korrie was named a Beckman Scholar.

2/2012 - Krystyna received a Crown-Wise Award.



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